Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions
How does Ownpage’s recommendation engine works?
Ownpage collects navigation data for each reader on you websites and applications. Ownpage also plugs-in to your publishing feed (RSS) to harvest content. In order to calculate Personalized suggestions, Ownpage uses those two data sets. To compute most relevant content for each user, Ownpage's technology cross-analyse readers’ navigation profiles and your publishing feed. Then you are free to choose the most relevant mean for broadcasting the recommendations made by the engine (Newsletters, Homepage, Push notifications …).
How can we be sure that it works?
Personalized recommendations always bring in more reader and increase page views. You can monitor the performances on the dashboard or with your analytics tools. We can set up and A/B test for you, a segment will receive the most popular news and the other will receive our Personalized recommendations.
How long before the production can start?
It depends on your specification needs. The more complex the project is, the more we need to collaborate with your team and the longer it will take. Besides, if requested, we can save you time by doing some tasks such as template design.
Are there some prerequisites before we can start the production?
Yes, we need 4 to 6 weeks of data collection to ensure the efficacy of our technology.
How much does it cost?
Our solutions adapt to your needs. During a first meeting we will design the project together in order to establish an estimate. Feel free to contact us for an estimate.
Can we make some editorial decisions? For example only suggest some videos?
Yes. Our solutions are totally adaptable to your editorial strategy. You will have control over the type and formats being recommended to readers (sections, text, images or videos, paying content or free ...).
Can we mix between manual design and automatic recommendations?
Yes. Our Personalized newsletter solution allows for a mix between automated and manually edited sections.
Our website publish few contents, can we still benefit from using your solutions?
It depends on the kind of content you publish. For “cold” content that is still relevant long after the publication date, using our solutions will allow you to give a second breath to all your content base. For “hot” content, typically news, from 3 articles published a day, our solution can be profitable, for example a weekly newsletter.
Our articles are not categorized, can we still use Ownpage’s solutions?
Yes. As our technologies establishes its own categorization, we don’t need such information.
Technical questions
How to set up tracking? How to use the API?
You can consult our technical documentation: https://doc.ownpage.fr/
How do the email router works for Personalized newsletters?
We use Amazon SES, a very effective router. We can also integrate our solutions to your router (Mailchimp, MailJet, Smartfocus or any other router).
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